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Ignes Fatui
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"Ignes Fatui" is a synthesis of lyrical folk, fascinating folk-rock, colorful acoustic art-rock and fine threads of blues. The band was founded in 2006 by Diana Mravchinskaya. Ignes Fatui (lat.) means “will-o'-the-wisp”, a mystic fires, an illusion and there is good reason: in the same way that the will-o'-the-wisp helps to find the road to a strayed traveler, opening hidden miracles for him, so the musicians invite listeners along to the world of imagination, dream and to the Fairy tale.

The new release "Artifact" is a bright palette of musical styles and genres in which the group workes. The album includes not only lyrical folk-songs, but also the long-awaited rock versions of several songs such as Stalker and Close your eyes, romantic ballads and blues, even an art-house song. In the recording the album participated: Diana Mravchinskaya, Galina Okunchikova, Anastasia Ermakova, Pavel Trunov, Victoria Zhigunova, Yulia Smirnova, Darya Kuznetsova and Sergey Farafonoff. The “Artefact” is recommended to those who is looking for something new in folk-rock music, and to those who would like to explore this magical genre.

Artist - Maria Ponomaryova
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Posted by Blujdaushie Ogni - Ignes ... on 27 March 2016
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